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Dealing with Deteriorating Air Quality

By Admin • December 3, 2019
Here are a few practical ways to deal with the deteriorating air quality around us

The quality of air has been consistently deteriorating over the past many decades due to the development of human civilisation. This effect is seen not just in industrial countries, but also advanced and developing countries such as Malaysia. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that over 7 million people die every year due to air pollution and its long term effects including heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. As individuals, there is not much that we can do to reduce the level of air pollution, but many of us who live in apartments have the privilege to contain ourselves and hide away from the unhealthy air outside. Is this a feasible solution? Here we will go through some ideas to make the best of it.

Spending Time with Nature

It is a known fact that being close to nature is better for our health and in times like this, it is a good idea to spend more time in places surrounded by trees and plants. Try escaping the noisy and polluted city for a getaway where we can rejuvenate. Whether we are going for a weekend retreat or just a few-hour forest trek, it works wonders in refreshing our bodies and minds. Spending more time with nature has many healing effects and it will help us more than we know. So the next time you get a chance, remember to take your family out to a serene park or a tranquil forest to catch up on our respiratory and emotional wellbeing.

Avoid High Traffic Areas

Living in the city, we are bound to find ourselves in between lots of cars and lots of people. Being surrounded by heaps of cars in the city traffic, we are exposed to many kinds of toxic substances from exhaust fumes. Often times, walking through crowded areas is no better as people smoking on sidewalks spread their clouds of smoke to our common space. The introduction of vaporisers has made this scenario worse. Therefore, it is a smart move to avoid high human and vehicle traffic places in order to lower the exposure to harmful pollutants and even the probability of catching sicknesses from other people.

Going out during Off-Peak Times

To reduce inhaling polluted air does not mean we have to halt most of our desired daily activities. It does not mean we should stop taking brisk walks or jogging around our neighbourhood, but timeliness will help. Should you want to take a stroll nearby your home, choose a time where cars are fewer and air is fresher. Early morning usually works! When driving and if it is possible to avoid heavy traffic, please do so because although our cars may be fitted with air filters, there are still abundance of viruses and pollutants that slip through and get into our car ventilation system. By having these practices, we’ll also be reducing our carbon footprint, a contribution to the environment in our own simple ways.

Indoor Air is Worse than Outdoor Air

Many people assume that we are safer indoors compared to being exposed to the polluted air outside. It is partially correct as we are not breathing in new polluted air, but little do we know that the hazardous air is already indoors and because it is in short distance, the air does not look as tainted compared to looking at the hazy skies afar. The air we breathe especially during hazy periods are more dangerous indoors as the air is stagnant and not only does it contain high levels of pollutants, it also contains more bacteria and viruses. This is because bacteria and viruses are less exposed to the sun and in places or corners of our homes with moisture, they multiply very quickly. Contributing to many respiratory related diseases for us, this is why indoor air is worse than outdoor air when proper measures are not taken.

Active Oxygen helps Deal with Polluted Air

Active oxygen is what we find in nature and research has shown that this simple element can help us in many ways. Found in abundance in forests, rivers, oceans, and the atmosphere, active oxygen can be created at the convenience of our homes at very affordable cost. The Cerafusion™ Technology developed by Medklinn creates active oxygen bringing nature right into our homes. Killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances around us, the Asens+ Air+Surface Sterilizer is the perfect air treatment system for your home for better health and also for dealing with the deteriorating air quality. For those spend much time on the roads, the Medklinn Autoplus is a good companion for your journeys.

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