Odour Management

The major causes of staleness and bad smell in indoor environment are buildup of pollutants such as chemicals, dusts, moulds or fungi, bacteria, gases, moisture and lack of ventilation. Indoor furnishings like carpets, curtains, cushions, and air conditioners have become a fertile breeding ground for these pollutants. Unpleasant odor from urine, cigarettes and garbage bins remain stubborn within the indoor environment.

“…the odour issues have drastically improve the air quality, especially in the airside staff lounge where previously foul smell was difficult to eliminate. We have received feedbacks from end-users that the air quality has improved and in fact the air smells clean and fresh at all times. It is clear to us that air fresheners could not have solved that problem at all, and we are very happy for your excellent advice and services.”

Muszahari Bin Hamzah
Senior Technical Officer
Maser Pte Ltd.

“In our manufacturing and R&D activities, we are constantly faced with bad odour. We have not been able to remove or eliminate the sources of pollutants for many years until we have implemented Medklinn Air Sterilizer solutions…We have not experience such an improvement over other products used. Medklinn AIr Sterilizer provides clean and fresh air in a cost-effective way. Our staff members are satisfied and glad to have a better working environment.”

Soo Lay Khim
General Manager
Flavor Inn Corporation Sdn Bhd

“…the restaurant smells fresher, the restaurant seems to be cleaner and guest don’t smell anymore when leaving the restaurant.”

Nikolaus Priesnitz
Area General Manager North Thailand

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