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Travelling with Healthier Air

By Admin • June 7, 2019
Travelling has become less healthy when we breathe in high amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that surround us in unfamiliar places but there are ways to improve the situation.

Overseas travelling or outstation trips are often unavoidable for many working adults. Many of us travel multiple times a years be it for business or pleasure where we end up embarking on a journey away from home with different modes of transport and finding ourselves in unfamiliar places. We may have all heard others telling us that the air in this city is bad, but the air in that other city is worse, so be sure to take precautions in order to stay healthy. Although we have to accept the fact that the air is of a certain pollution as we travel, at the same time there are also measures that we can take to ensure that we travel with healthier air around us.

The Harm of VOCs

One of the main concerns when we travel is that we are exposed to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This is especially so when we are far away from home in a less developed country / region where the governmental control of chemical contamination is less stringent. VOCs are the gases that are emitted from certain solid and liquid items found commonly among us where these colourless and odourless unhealthy gases have much higher concentration indoors, just where we thought we are safe! Because VOCs have a very low boiling point, the chemicals can evaporate into gases even at room temperature polluting its surroundings with odourless toxic fumes. So just how does VOCs harm us? Well, there are many supporting research reports that indicate VOCs have both short and long term effects on our health. These effects range from causing nausea, dizziness, breathing discomfort, and allergic skin reactions to visual and memory impairment.

Reducing the Threat of VOCs

Knowing that we are travelling to unfamiliar places, we are bound to be exposed to all kinds of VOCs from anything such as hotel room paint, air freshener scents, cleaning detergents used in dry cleaning, carpet cleaners, furniture, and air-conditioning gases. Now as we may already know, indoor VOCs pollution can be up to 10 times higher compared to outdoors and it is worrying especially for those who are allergic or asthmatic. People who have lower body immunities are also more prone to reacting to the VOC contaminated air around us. It is good practice to air the hotel room when we arrive, this is to ensure that the stagnant air in the room is neutralised with the air outside and that some of the bacteria and VOCs are gone with the wind. Another method, one which is more effective in reducing the threat of VOCs during our travels is to use Active Oxygen.

Active Oxygen for Healthier Travels

Active Oxygen can be regarded as nature’s air purifier and sterilizer due to its natural creation from plant photosynthesis, lightning and the crashing of water against water. Found in abundance in forests, waterfalls, rivers, and in the atmosphere, Active Oxygen is able to rid the surrounding air of bacteria and VOCs by simply destroying the molecular structure of these harmful microorganisms and substances. This method of combating VOCs and bacteria as we travel has become more popular these days as there are devices that can create Active Oxygen on the go as compared to before where it was much less convenient due to technological limitations. Imagine a little device which can be carried with you anywhere you go, no matter what mode of transport you take be it a car, bus, or plane, you can have fresh purified air with you not to mention having this tranquil air in your hotel room all thorough the night to give you a sound sleep. Active Oxygen is becoming the vessel for travelling with healthier air.

From Medklinn’s HomeTravel Series, the Versa is your ideal partner for travelling with healthier air because using its Cerafusion Technology which creates Active Oxygen, it has been scientifically tested to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, moulds and other harmful pollutants such as VOCs. This device is not only compact and light in weight at only 220g, but it is also connected by micro USB that can power it up anywhere you go. To suit your mood and style, Versa which comes in 2 models (250sq ft & 450sq ft) and it also has interchangeable casings in different exciting colors. Find out more here.

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