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How to Stay Healthy Affordably

By Admin • December 4, 2019
Staying healthy is very important, and doing so affordably is not as difficult as we might think.

In today’s world where society is so advanced and modernization is continuing to develop quicker than ever, we find that we go back to basics when it comes to our own health. Although we have more facilities to keep our health in check, it is ultimately up to us to put in hard work to maintain a good health and it always pays off. Staying healthy at an affordable cost does not mean we have to compromise on every aspect, there are many ways we can enjoy the best of health without breaking our pockets. Physical, mental, and emotional health are interrelated in may ways because if they are not balanced, one will usually weigh the others down one way or another.

Physical Health: Exercising and Eating Right

As most of us already know, exercising is the primary component in maintaining good overall health. Ideally, we should spend an hour a day in working out and keeping active. With different physical conditions or at different stages in life, we all have our own limitations, but it should not deter us from working out a sweat be it indoors or outdoors. Even simple changes in our lifestyle such as making it a point to take the staircase more often helps. Taking a brisk walk in the evening would get the blood circulating better while increasing our metabolism. Our diet is just as important as our workout because if we do not watch the food and drinks that we consume, much of the workout goes to waste. If we consume too much calories especially in the form of sugar, we are bound to gain fat and will often feel lethargic. Therefore, eating right is very important. Start by eating more balanced meals with adequate carbohydrates, meat, and vegetables. Reduce your sugar intake and eat more varieties of fruits whenever possible. Bananas is an inexpensive fruit that contains many important nutrients and can even help to moderate our blood sugar levels.

Mental and Emotional Health

Because physical, mental, and emotional health are interrelated, our physiological state of mind would inevitably impact our physical well being. Mental health is the ability for us to process information so that we may be able to properly digest and respond to whatever we receive. On the other hand, emotional health is the ability express ourselves based on the information received, to be able to make good and rational decisions. In modern society, the levels of stress keep increasing as there seems to be endless of things for us to worry about. We are often deprived of sleep because we have too much on our plates, or just have so many thoughts in our minds that we hardly get a good night’s sleep. Upon catching up on some sleep over the weekend, the vicious cycle continues the following week. In dealing with stress, good time management and proper planning will definitely help. To be able to allocate the right amount of time for the things that need to be done will help us to mitigate uncertainty and will help to reduce our stress levels.

Staying away from Anxiety and Depression

Apart from stress, it is natural that we face depression and anxiety from time to time. Most of us are moderately in control of these phenomenon however, there are many people who are unable to properly manage or deal with the underlying problems which then adds up to become more problems. Often times, it could affect our self-esteem and we then become overly self-conscious. Depression happens to just about anyone and there is no face to depression as someone may seemingly be happy but deep down, he / she may be facing problems we know nothing about. In anxiety and depression, the feeling of helplessness weighs us down more than we know. So it is important that we get active, start to exercise, and make a list of things that we want to do and work towards achieving them. Take on more responsibility and try new things to get a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment when we are able to do it. Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways to help regulate our mental and emotional health, so cut down on those late nights because adequate sleep is among the easiest ways to stay healthy and its free.

Staying Healthy Affordably with Active Oxygen

In order to stay healthy, we need to ensure that we get good quality sleep at night so that we have the energy for our activities throughout the day. The quality or air that we breathe at home plays an important role in ensuring good quality sleep because as the city is polluted with many kinds or allergens and bacteria, they often trigger asthmatic reactions and other respiratory problems and also illnesses from the bacteria around us. As allergens and bacteria are airborne, they infiltrate every corner of our homes and cause a string of misery in the long run. The Cerafusion™ Technology developed by Medklinn creates active oxygen thus giving us a breath of fresh air just like nature. Killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances around us, the Versa air and surface sterilizer is the perfect affordable air treatment system to keep you healthy at an affordable price. Giving you a good night’s sleep and a healthy start to a new day every day.

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