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5 Ways to Take Care of your Newborn

By Admin • November 22, 2019
Newborns need a lot of attention as they are very fragile, here are some tips on what to do.

After the stages of pregnancy, labour and lastly delivery, you can take your baby home and share the love and joy with all the people around you. Words are hard to describe the love that parents have for their newborn and they are willing to sacrifice more than we can imagine. When having a new member in the family especially a fragile one who needs lots of attention, we as parents must be able to adapt to the many requirements for the sake of the baby. Here, we’ll go through a few tips on how to take care of your newborn.

Feeding and Burping your Newborn

Babies need to be fed often but many people are uncertain just how often should we be feeding the infant. A rule of thumb is to feed the baby on demand, this is when the baby cries or mimics sucking noises. This is an indication that the child is hungry and breast feeding or formula feeding is required, but be sure not to feed too much at one go because babies tend to take in a lot of air when sucking. This is where burping comes in, we as parents need to carry the baby to our shoulders and gently pat the baby’s back to expel the excessive air before continuing to feed. If there is difficulty in burping, you may try a different position.

Baby Baths and Massages

Generally, there are two types of baths that we can give our newborn child, they are the sponge baths and also the tub baths. It is not necessary to bathe the infant daily as it may cause skin dryness, so 2 to 3 times per week would be enough. However, if you notice that the infant enjoys the bath, then you can do it more often. For most babies, a gentle baby massage will do wonders as it will be soothing and helps the infant be calmer. This will reduce crying and agitation which will in turn give you more peace of mind. There are various types of massages for the baby such as neck, leg, arm, and belly massage. They all have different benefits but generally contribute to better emotional bonding with the parents.

Building a Strong Bond via Communication

Communication is very important and crucial in a relationship, it is no different when it comes to building a bond with our baby. Babies reach out to us by crying, grunting and growling and so forth. We must attentively learn to differentiate what they are trying to convey to us so that we can cater to their needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, there are a few ways we can communicate with the baby to help them feel assured and secure over time. These simple gestures include talking, singing and even reading to the infant to make them feel comforted and will eventually develop into a lasting trust and bond.

Having Good Hygiene

Newborns have a very low body immunity and are susceptible to many kinds of sicknesses, bacteria, allergens and so on. These factors could cause the infant to be infected by sicknesses and could lead to a string of complications. One of the simplest and most important way to reduce the risks for our newborn is to ensure that we have good hygiene practice at home and even when we are out. It is common knowledge that there are bacteria and viruses all around us especially in the air. Bacteria grows at a much faster rate in damp and dark places and can be harmful to us adults and not to mention infants. It is best to maintain good hygiene by sanitizing before handling the child in order to avoid spreading bacteria person to person. Keeping the house sterilized will reduce the overall risk of contracting sicknesses at home.

Purification with Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen is a form of oxygen that is created by nature and is found in abundance in places like waterfalls, rivers, forests, and the atmosphere. In recent years, the benefits of Active Oxygen have been gaining more public awareness especially due to its cost-effectiveness. Cerafusion™ Technology developed by Medklinn creates the refreshing Active Oxygen that we need while killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances around us, the Versa Air+Surface sterilizer is the perfect air device to have in your home to protect you and your newborn child.

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