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Is City Living an Urban Nightmare?

By Admin • June 7, 2019
Big city living is something we work hard for, but it also comes with a whole lot of worries.

We have heard of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse story whereby these two cousins live totally different lives, one of lavish feasts but in constant fear while the other of a more simple but assuring life. Many people in the city live a life of opulence but it is not so in the case of most. Having a city lifestyle comes with a whole lot more commitments or expectations if we look at it closely. Those who fall under the categories of B40 and M40 (Bottom and Middle 40% of the income group) work tirelessly in search of security while trying to keep up with the society they live in. Has modern city living become an urban nightmare for most people?

Modern Ways with Modern Problems

Having a much higher concentration of the finer things in the city, we urban dwellers are pampered with many riches and modern ways of life as compared to others in less developed areas. Apart from the better infrastructure including transport systems and telecommunication connectivity, we also get to enjoy many more conveniences including access to better healthcare and job opportunities due to the economic development. But it is not without its drawbacks that we get to enjoy all these features of the city, we have to face many environmental and social ills that is found all around us.

Crime and Urban Poverty

Crime and civilization has been going hand in hand since the beginning of time and it is no different now in the 21st century. Social problems is a main contributor to the rampant crime in cities whereby the misfits deviate their way to alternative methods of making money. From petty to organised crime, there will always be those who seek to make a fast buck by all means including stealing, cheating, robbing, and corrupting. Urban poverty due to the under-access to education and job opportunities also lead to social problems. Although it is inevitable in every city, there is much that we as individuals can do to contribute towards building a better society. Many of us look without seeing and hear without listening to our surroundings, we should all make it a point to help others. Charity begins at home and we will elaborate on that below.

High Cost of Living

The high cost of living in the city is unsurprising with the ever increasing prices of necessity items, prices of properties, and all kinds of services. Dealing with such trends has and never will be easy for the masses of city dwellers but we have to find ways to beat the inflation to be able to sustain and to have a reasonable quality of life. So what can we do about it? Work harder to earn more, spend wisely, save and invest. Spending money is a must but spending on the right things is utmost important, we need to know which are the things we want and which are what we need. This way we can differentiate and prioritise our budget in order to face the high cost of living in the city.

Illnesses and Diseases

It goes without saying that people in the cities tend to have more common illnesses compared to those in less developed areas. Children growing up in the countryside have had a tougher life, they had less access to medical treatment for the coughs and flus but perhaps that has allowed them to develop stronger immunity systems. The air for one is much heathier in the countryside where it is closer to nature as compared to the big cities with endless industrial areas, housing and commercial development projects, masses of motor vehicles emitting exhaust fumes. Filthy drainage systems clogged up with food waste not only produce an awful stench but also encourages the spread of diseases. Urban diseases are commonly spread by rats and they are communicable to humans, they include leptospirosis and salmonellosis which could lead to fatal complications. City living has also brought about other health concerns such as asthma and respiratory problems contributed by the pollution in the air we breathe. Illnesses and diseases are hard to eradicate but government agencies are doing their part to curb the issue and ensuring that our society is a healthy one, we too must play an active role to make it a healthy progressive society.

Active Oxygen for Hectic City Living

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