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Staying Healthy on the Go

By Admin • March 25, 2019
Staying healthy on the go is something very important but many people conveniently forget to remember.

We are the kings of our castles and in that luxury no matter how big or small our homes are, we are privileged to be protected from harm’s way. In a controlled environment especially one where we call home, we have our own ways to ensure that the air we breathe is filtered, the water we drink is purified to our standards and cleanliness of the place is never forgotten. But what happens when we step out of our homes? There are simply too many cleanliness and health concerns that we are exposed to when we are out of our safe zone. Here we want you to be staying healthy on the go.


The Workplace

At our workplace, there are many facilities that are shared. From desks, meeting rooms, stationaries, consoles, these are all places where bacteria lurk. Like it or not, bacteria and germs are often living on these surfaces especially if they are not sanitized regularly. Since the office is where you spend many hours of the day and you are inevitably exposed to the health risks, it is best to wash your hands with soap often especially after touching common/shared items. If you’re a person who eats at your desk, you are bound to drop crumbs on the table and floor from time to time. Be mindful of it and remember to pick and clean up every time.


Airplanes and Cinemas

Viral infections such as cold and flu among others can be contagious before the symptoms even appear in the carrier. This is often how cold and flu spread in places such as airplanes and cinemas due to having many people in close quarters for a number of hours. There are many factors that are out of our reach in such areas, the germs on the chairs we sit on, the pollutants from the air-conditioning, the diseases carried by other people within the vicinity. All these contribute to the weakening of our health, and this is a main reason why staying healthy on the go is utmost important and sanitizing should not be forgotten.


Public Areas

Rhinovirus is the main cause of the common cold and there are around 200 different species of the virus that can be spread by air and physical contact especially in public areas. That is why whenever there is an outbreak of influenza, the authorities would always advise people to stay at home and away from crowded places. It was reported that 1 in 20 hospital patients contract healthcare-associated infections and among the large

st threat poser is Acinetobacter baumannii, a bacteria found in hospitals in particularly the intensive care unit where very ill people are warded. This nasty bacteria can cause wound infections, pneumonia, and blood infections to those who are exposed to it. Children are most vulnerable to such viruses because their immune system is weaker than the average adult’s, leaving many parents concerned about the health hazards that are found in public spaces such as public transportation, eateries, and hospitals.


When Traveling

Have you been told not to consume unboiled water when you are traveling? There’s a good reason for that too, because the pathogens found in the water are foreign to our bodies and may cause poisoning while the locals have long adapted to it. When we are in a foreign land, our bodies are unfamiliar with the many pathogens and bacteria and are found there, thus making us more prone to falling sick when we travel. Well, how are we expected to stay healthy on the go? Staying hydrated is something we should remember for a start. Apart from that, sanitizing your hotel room is also a good idea. Using alcohol-based antiseptic wipes is a good way to rid some of the germs that proliferate on the surfaces of your hotel room.

From Medklinn’s HomeTravel Series, the Versa is your ideal partner to staying healthy on the go because using its Cerafusion Technology which creates Active Oxygen, it has been scientifically tested to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, moulds and other harmful pollutants. Versa is not only compact and light in weight at only 220g, but it is also connected by micro USB which allows you to power it by a power bank whenever and wherever you are. To suit your mood and style, Versa which comes in 2 models (250sq ft & 450sq ft) also has interchangeable casings in different exciting colors.

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