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You CAN Cut Cleaning Costs in your Kitchen

By Admin • January 4, 2019
You CAN Cut Cleaning Costs in your Kitchen

In the food industry, the idea of cutting cleaning costs in the kitchen can evoke a double edge emotion: Deep Desire and Fear. Both at the same time.
This is because while expenditure reduction is always ideal, the foundation of a successful food businesses is firmly rooted in the highest standards of hygiene, so the idea of “cutting costs” in the cleaning procedures of a kitchen can sound a bit like “cutting corners” in the cleaning procedure. And this is where that sense of fear is evoked because it can very well be the first chapter of the beginning of the end if not very, very careful.

But today, we would like to share with you the fact that not only is it entirely possible to cut cleaning costs in your kitchen without lowering hygiene standards, it is entirely possible to actually cut cleaning costs in your kitchen and dramatically raise the bar on efficiencies and hygiene delivery. And not just in one area of your kitchen, but throughout absolutely your ENTIRE kitchen from the tiniest fork to the dirtiest of drains.


Substitute All Methods with Ozone Water

It’s quite simple.
Instead of using a king’s ransom worth of money on chemicals, detergents, cleaning equipment, hot water, energy, manpower and time, you simply substitute all of that with ozone water.

Ozone is the most powerful sterilizer/deodorizer/oxidizer/sanitizer known to science today. It is very rapidly becoming the choice of best practice in food industries around the world and indeed any industry that requires effective, safe, environmentally sustainable and cost effective disinfecting practices. It is in fact 50 times more powerful and more than 3000 times faster in its disinfecting power than chlorine, which historically has been the golden child of hygiene. Ozone is entirely chemical free and can clean faster and more effectively without any use of chemicals, detergents or hot water to help or augment its capabilities. It leaves absolutely no residue or taste or smell. It is easy to use and is produced on site so it requires no continuous purchasing or storing. It has no adverse effect on the environment whatsoever as its only by-product is pure oxygen. It really is a no brainer in terms of its capabilities and efficiencies.


ROI-Driven Technology

There must be a catch, you think. Well, obviously you have to install the technology to produce ozone water in your kitchen, but this is a very easy and simple procedure that does not require a lot of space, complex reconfiguration or construction in your kitchen at all. And as costs very quickly decrease and efficiencies very quickly increase, your ROI can fly back to you in a matter of months. Not years. Months.


Anything, Anywhere, No Harmful By-Products

Think of everything involved in cleaning your kitchen: How much manpower it requires. How much time is requires. How many various chemicals, sprays and equipment it requires. How much scrubbing and scouring and sweating it requires. How much hot water it requires, daily, monthly, annually.
Think of all of the areas where cleaning is required: Food cleaning (fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood). Food prep surfaces and utensils. Cooking equipment such a grills, stoves, ovens, fryers. Cleaning and washing areas and machines. Food storage units like containers, fridges, freezers, coolers, cupboards, pantries, ice makers. Refuse bins and refuse storage rooms. Laundry areas. Floors, open drains, pipes, grease traps, filters.

Imagine if you could use ozone water on all of these to: Kill 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, allergens. Eradicate all foul odors caused by raw food, cooking, garbage, sewage, smoke, gasses. Remove grease, oils, dirt, cooking remnants, biofilm buildups.

All of this with just pure H20 and pure oxygen as by-products. Simple, powerful, safe, eco friendly and cost efficient. Nothing else could make much more sense than this.

Medklinn Ozone Water Systems

We at Medklinn have been helping countless clients introduce ozone water into their kitchen cleaning operations for over 12 years. Our expertise lies in our patented Medklinn 03 Hydro Ozone Water System technologies and our ability to tailor ozone water cleaning systems for the unique needs and requirements for each and every one of our clients – regardless of whether they are running a small restaurant or one of the largest food manufacturing operations in the industry. Our passion is rooted in our knowing that there is indeed a better way to deliver the absolute best in hygiene, while spending far less money, time, energy and effort, and with far less damage on the environment we live in. Contact us to discuss your desires and needs, and let us help you catapult you into greater success with Medklinn’s ozone water.

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