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The Food Hygiene Revolution

By Admin • October 25, 2018
The Food Hygiene Revolution

When it comes to hygiene in the food industry, chlorine is king.

Or rather, it was king.

Because right now, a food hygiene revolution is taking the food industry by storm, and if you are interested in……
● Savings from chemical reduction of up to 50-60%
● Manpower savings of up to 20%
● Hot water energy savings up to 90%
● Efficient and effective removal of 99.99% of broad spectrum microbial contaminants
● Dramatic reduction in food spoilage
● Easy and effective removal of oil, grease, malodors

…..then you’d better get up to date with the latest technology now.


Ozone – New King of Hygiene

Actually, this “latest technology” was first discovered in 1840 and has been used in water sanitation in Europe since 1900, but its wider application in the business of food hygiene worldwide started to take off from the 1980s and is now spreading in earnest as THE best practice for the future.


Ozone is overthrowing chlorine as the new king of hygiene in the food industry.
And for good reason.

50% more powerful and 3000 times faster acting than chlorine, ozone is currently the most effective sanitizer currently known to science.

Because it can replace the use of cleaning chemicals, and because it is produced on-site, costs on the purchasing, transporting and storing of chemicals is slashed. Because it doesn’t require any heat, it slashes energy expenditures. Because it is so powerful and easy to use, manpower and time are cut down dramatically. And because it leaves no residue and has no by-product other than just pure oxygen, it is entirely safe for employees, customers, and the environment. And because it can be used in both gaseous and aqueous forms, the applications within the food industry are abundant and limitless.


Limited Choices of Sanitation

Thermal sanitation using hot water and steam, and chemical sanitation using chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine have been the most prevalent within the food industry mainly due to the fact that the development of technologies providing the use of ozone have been slower in coming. In other words, until recent decades, the food and hygiene industries didn’t have much choice. However, the USDA and FDA’s approval of gaseous and aqueous ozone as a sanitizer to treat, store and process food within the past two decades, combined with the rising global concern over the negative effects of chlorinated compounds in the environment as well as on human health has spurred on the rapid development of ozone applications for the food industries.

Is Chlorine The Best Choice?

While chlorine is effective, it has very clear drawbacks that simply cannot be ignored when now given a choice. In terms of performance, chlorine is 50 times less powerful than ozone. In terms of efficiency, chlorine’s oxidizing power is much slower, thus requiring longer contact times to sterilize. In terms of effectiveness, chlorine is a limited spectrum disinfectant whereas ozone is a broad spectrum disinfectant, capable of eliminating microbial contaminants at a cellular, DNA and RNA level. Chlorine has harmful by-products that negatively affect human health as well as the environment, whereas ozone’s only by-product is oxygen. Chlorine also leaves a strong and unpleasant residual smell and taste, while ozone is completely residue free.


Be The King of Businesses With The King Of Hygiene

If you are interested adapting the best practices of today, catapulting your food business into the future, while saving money to boot, then it is time to disengage from the bygone days of chemicals.

Medklinn’s 03 Hydro Ozone Water System and Air+Surface Sterilizers have been helping a multitude of various food industry clients help increase quality of service, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and become more environmentally friendly for over 12 years.

Meklinn’s 03 Hydro Ozone Water System turns your water into a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer that can be used to clean literally anything that is found in your business – food (meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits), processing surfaces, utensils, appliances, storage, containers, floors, drains etc. Medklinn’s Air+Surface Sterilizer Systems are designed to destroy contaminants and pollutants that are both in the air as well as on surfaces, continuously 24/7. Independently or combined, these two technologies can revolutionize your food hygiene systems by cutting costs, raising quality, improving safety standards, and increasing efficiencies in a multitude of ways that chlorine alone could never accomplish.

Let us help you design an ozone system that can help your business thrive into the future. Click below to find out how.

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