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The Perfect Marriage of Ozone Water and The Food Industry

By Admin • February 25, 2019
They Are Just Perfectly Matched

Sometimes there are unions so perfect, you just know they are meant to be.
The coupling of ozone water and the food industry is most certainly one of them.

Starting in Europe, the practice of using ozone for sterilization has been around for over a hundred years, but it has really only been since the USDA and FDA have approved of its use as an antimicrobial agent in the treating, processing and storing of foods in the 90s that the use of it in the food industry started to take off. The use of ozone water is now considered best practice in developed food industries, and ozone water is beginning to completely overthrow the traditional thermal and chemical sterilization methods of the past.

And there is very good reason.


Powerful and Safe

First of all, it’s powerful stuff. Ozone water is 50 times more powerful and acts 3,000 faster than the most popular sterilizing agent, chlorine. It is currently crowned as the most powerful sterilizer known to science today. It is a broad spectrum disinfectant where microbial destruction is instant and occurs at a cellular DNA and RNA level. Second of all, ozone water is entirely safe and environmentally friendly, producing absolutely no harmful residue, odors or taste, and leaves behind only pure H20 as its single by-product. So you can already see how these very key factors alone would make ozone water a perfect partner to meet the needs of the food industry.


Clean Everything Even Food Itself

Ozone water can be effectively used in any industry that requires some form of cleaning and/or disinfecting (which, probably includes all industries on earth), but its marriage with the food industry is particularly perfect because of ozone water’s ability to disinfect 99.99% of all harmful microorganisms safely and without any chemical by-products, which means that it can be used in absolutely ALL aspects of the food industry ranging from the cleaning of tools, utensils, machinery, spaces as well as the actual food itself.

Ozone water can be used to clean and process meats, poultry, seafood, vegetable and fruits. It is proven to prolong freshness, lower and slow down spoilage, destroy pesticides, microbial and chemical residue, as well as improve taste and appearance of food. Ozone water does not require the use of hot water for efficacy, greatly enabling industries to lower energy and hot water usage. And because it is more powerful than any other disinfecting chemical, the use of detergents and other chemicals can be vastly reduced, leading to considerable savings. Additionally, because it is so powerful, uses no chemicals and leaves no chemical residue, continuous or additional rinsing isn’t necessary, vastly reducing the amount of water, time and manpower needed. And as ozone water needs to actually be produced on site, continuous purchasing or storage becomes unnecessary.


The “Downside”

As if these benefits weren’t enough, some people still try to dig up a downside to the use of ozone water in the food industry. But the only “downside” to using ozone water in the food industry – if it can be actually called a “downside” at all – is that it requires an initial investment cost. Because ozone cannot be stored and transported (it breaks back down to oxygen 02 too quickly), the equipment to generate ozone water on site must be installed, resulting in upfront expenditures to start using ozone water.


Medklinn Ozone Water Systems

We at Medklinn, however, do not view this fact as a downside. For example, initial costs to install Medklinn’s 03 Hydro Ozone Water Systems will of course depend on size and scope of what is needed, but ROI can be expected in a matter of months. So, for the dramatic and sustainable increase in hygiene standards, ease and business efficiencies, “months” feels much more like and massive upside than any kind of downside.

The Medklinn team has been in the business of creating massive upsides for clients for the past 12 years in the food industry. We are capable of creating solutions for the largest food processing giants as well as for the small cafes and restaurants all across Asia. Our success lies in our patented technologies as well as our ability to create tailormade solutions to fit every need. We would be more than happy to share with your our success stories and discuss what we could do to revolutionize your business by designing your own ozone water system.

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