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What Ozone Water Can Do For Food

By Admin • March 6, 2019
What Ozone Water Can Do For Food

Ozone water has been a long-standing power player in the world of sterilization since its first use as a water sanitizer back in 1900. The use of ozone and ozonated water has evolved over the past 100 years, but most recently, the use of ozone water is turning heads and making people stand up and take notice for revolutionizing the food industry.


Bad Hygiene = No Business

The obvious foundation of any successful food-related business is its ability to provide effective, trusted and proven hygiene standards within the operation and in the food itself. Bad Hygiene = No Business. So it makes sense that a considerable amount of time, energy and money has to constantly be spent on maintaining superior hygiene standards that can withstand any test of any microbial onslaught. Traditionally, thermal sterilization (hot water) combined with chemical treatment (largely chlorine and hydrogen peroxide) have been considered the golden standard of hygiene in the food industry (or, at the very least, the only really effective options). But as the world of food continues to evolve, limitations of these tools have become more and more apparent.

Firstly, chemicals are costly. And they are unsafe. They also cause permanent damage to the environment which is increasingly becoming an issue in all industries. They also leave dangerous residue on food, not to mention residual smells and tastes. And as chemicals still have limits in what they actually achieve, hot water (lots of hot water) also needs to be used in conjunction, further driving up cost implications to properly clean and sterilize equipment and food.


A Sterilizing Superpower

Ozone, the sterilizing superpower, has always been here, but was standing quietly outside of the spotlight. However, since the USDA and FDA’s approval to use gaseous and aqueous ozone as a sterilizing agent to treat, store and process food came to pass in the late 90s, ozone water has leaped onto center stage in the food industry. Simply because, it truly is a sterilizing superpower.

As a start, it is currently crowned as the most powerful disinfectant know to mankind. Which in turn may make some people think that it is somehow dangerous, sinister or more difficult to handle (being so amazingly powerful and all), but the truth is the exact opposite. Ozone quickly reverts straight back to oxygen within minutes, thus the single only by-product of ozone water is pure water. So, even though it is 50 times more powerful and up to 3,000 times faster acting than chlorine, ozone water leaves no residue, no smell, no taste, no discoloration, no pollution, no carbon footprint, no nothing. And its powers are so super that it does not require any assistance from hot water either. Quite literally, all you need is water infused with ozone, and you can naturally, quickly, effectively and thoroughly remove chemicals, hormones, 99.9% of broad spectrum microbial pathogens and pesticides from meats, poultry, shellfish, seafood, fruits, vegetables. Threats of bacteria such as salmonella dn E. coli, and viruses that cause hepatitis can be pushed further from your mind with ozone water. Microorganisms are destroyed at a DNA and RNA level. And on top of all of this, using ozone water to sterilize food not only removes odors as well, but has also been proven to slow down spoilage, prolong shelf life and improve the overall look and freshness of food.


Be A Food Leader

So, ozone water and food. Let’s ponder what this combination can do for just a second:
Drastic reduction in chemical usage. Dramatic reduction in energy and hot water usage. No more need to continuously buy and store chemicals. Less time and manpower needed. Decrease in waste and spoilage. Cleaner food, better looking food, better smelling food, longer lasting food.
This is what ozone water can do for food. And this is why it is taking the food industry by storm and quickly becoming the standard of best practice among topline food leaders.

And whether you are a food industry giant or a small, family-owned restaurant, there are ozone water solutions that can work for you and your particular needs. We at Medklinn know this because we have been providing ozone water solutions for our clients in the food industry for over 12 years now in Malaysia and South East Asia. Our patented technology 03 Hydro Ozone Water System is capable of turning your water into the most powerful and effective sterilizing force that can revolutionize the way you operate your food business. Contact us today to start a discussion on what unique needs you have and what kind of unique solutions we can offer you.

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