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How Can I Use Ozone Water In My Food Business?

By Admin • March 12, 2019
How Can I Use Ozone Water In My Food Business?

Good question.
But maybe the better questions would be: What can I NOT use ozone water for in my food business? Because that list would be a lot shorter: Nothing.

If you’re in the food industry, you may be trying to imagine the scope of exactly what ozone water can do for you – it’s benefits, where and how you could use it, where ROI may come from for example. So, let us help you formulate a clearer understanding, and help clarify a more concrete vision for you.


Step 1: Understand the core powers of ozone water
  • Ozone water is the most powerful sanitizer known to science today, but is completely natural and does not use any chemicals itself.
  • Ozone water is 50 times more powerful and more than 3000 times faster in its disinfecting power than chlorine, but it leaves no chemical residue, no odor, no taste, and is entirely safe to handle and dispose of because its only by-product is pure H20.
  • Ozone water requires no use of hot water, because it’s far more powerful than hot water.
  • Ozone water needs to be produced onsite, so does not require repeated purchasing or storing.
  • Ozone water has no adverse effect on the environment and is therefore environmentally sustainable.


Step 2: Think about ALL the places you use water in your business today

Thinking about ALL of the areas where water is used in your food business may be quite a monumental task, and the following may not list everything in your particular business. But the point is to understand that where plain water is currently used, ozone water can be used, and you can start to contemplate about how things could change for you used ozone water:

  • The sanitizing of all processing equipment and spaces: Tools, work stations, surfaces, utensils, sinks, conveyor belts, piping systems, heat exchangers, valves, filters, drains, processing machinery, ovens, stoves, grills, fryers, cooling systems, washing/rinsing systems, floors etc. All of them need to be cleaned sanitized, free of bacteria and all harmful microorganisms, clear of biofilms, free of oils and grease, free of dirt, corrosion, buildup, and free of malodors.


  • The disinfecting of packaging, filling, storage: Sauces, condiments production and storage, beverage bottling and storing, food packaging and storing, coolers, freezers, ice makers and various food storage equipment, rooms and spaces etc. All of these need to be free of contaminants that can damage the food, lead to cross contamination, and harm consumers.


  • The cleaning of food itself: Meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits etc. All of these require water to be properly washed and cleaned before being processed in any way.


  • The disinfection of waste: Waste water, drains, pipes, refuse chambers, refuse containers etc. The improper sanitization of these can lead to an entire host of problems such as bad odors, contamination and health hazards to name just a few.


Step 3: Imagine efficiencies that can be applied to your food business with ozone water

The above may not have covered the entire range of equipment or processes of your food business, but it most likely illustrates how much is needed to maintain the standard of hygiene that is necessary to keep you in business.
Now try to wrap your mind around how many more efficiencies can be gained with the use of ozone water:

  • As the most powerful sterilizer currently known to mankind, ozone water does not require the use of chemicals or hot water to augment its capabilities and power, leading to massive savings in the purchasing of chemicals and the use of hot water energy.
  • The amount of time it takes to disinfect and clean is dramatically reduced.
  • The need for manpower is reduced.
  • The need for shutdown and/or deep clean of specialized machinery is decreased.
  • Freshness and shelf life of food is increased and spoilage is decreased when containers and foods are cleaned with ozone water.

Perhaps now you better understand why ozone water is taking the food industry by storm worldwide and have started forming a clearer visual of how ozone water can be used in your business.

Medklinn’s 03 Hydro Ozone Water System technologies have been helping clients in the food industry incorporate ozone water into their businesses for over 12 years. Our expertise lies in our patented technologies and our ability to tailor make ozone water solutions for any business size. With Medklinn, you can witness leaps forward in your efficiencies and hygiene standards immediately, and at the same time see your ROI fly back to you within months. Contact our team to discuss how we can revolutionize your food business today.

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