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Ozone Water Myth Buster

By Admin • March 20, 2019
Ozone Water Myth Buster

Food industry experts who have their ears to the ground have already heard that the use of ozone water is now the hottest trend in the industry, and that its use is rapidly becoming best practice in the business. As it is with any relatively new and revolutionary trend that is poised to overturn old systems, there are myths that surround ozone water which can lead to some hesitation towards making the leap to change.

To miss out on this wave of change with ozone water would be a true waste – a waste in time, money, manpower, energy and opportunity. So here, we will be busting a few erroneous myths that you may have been wondering about.


Myth Bust: The use of ozone with water is new and shouldn’t be trusted yet

The use of ozone to sanitize drinking water started in Europe over 100 years ago in 1900. Since then, it has officially been introduced as a disinfectant for drinking water treatment plants in the United States since 1940, and it is now widely used across major water treatment plants across the entire country. As the interest to reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine that not only have negative side effects on the human body but on the environment as well, the transition into using ozone to sterilize water in treatment plants is only increasing. In the past 30 years the USDA and FDA have also approved of the use of ozone as a sanitizer to treat bottled water and as a disinfectant in the cleaning, processing, packaging and storing of foods.

This is because ozone water is 50% more powerful and 3000 times faster acting than chlorine. And unlike chlorine it is a broad spectrum disinfectant that is capable of eliminating organic contamination such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens as well as inorganic pollutants such as pesticides, chemicals and volatile organic compounds. And unlike chlorine, ozone leaves nothing damaging behind – no taste, no smell, no by-products.


Myth Bust: Ozone is dangerous

Well, if this were true, then we’re all in trouble because ozone is naturally produced by Mother Nature all the time on the planet and we live with it and breathe it constantly. In fact, without ozone, earth could not exist because ozone is created to heal the earth by eliminating natural and manmade contaminants. It is generated when a strong electromagnetic force, such as sunlight or lightening, breaks up 02 oxygen molecules to create free floating 01 molecules that combine together to form an 03 molecule, which is what ozone is. After this 03 molecule oxidizes, disinfects, sterilizes a pollutant, it simply reverts back to being an 02 oxygen molecule. It literally is like oxygen puts on a superhero costume to eliminate the bad, then takes off its costume and goes back to being what it was. It really is that simple.

Like any superhero, ozone cannot hang out too long. Whether in gaseous or aqueous form, ozone reverts back to being simple oxygen in a matter of minutes. So, what you end up with is pure oxygen or pure water as a by-product that has no negative effect on people or the environment. Look at it this way: if ozone can effectively and safely turn contaminated water into drinking water for the citizens of such large cities across the United States like Los Angeles or Dallas etc, without causing any harm to anyone or the environment, then it has to be a superhero.


Myth Bust: Ozone water is going to cost me a bomb

Just simply put: Not true. In fact, you can see up to 50-60% savings from chemical use reductions, up to 20% in manpower savings, up to 90% savings from reduction of hot water usage, and dramatic reduction in raw food spoilage and wastage through the use of ozone water in your food business. Your ROI can come back to you in a matter of months.

What kind and what extent of an ozone water system you need will depend on the nature of your business and your particular needs. Just like there are businesses that need a fleet of 50ft container trucks to transport their goods, other businesses may only need a couple of motorcycles to deliver. If you are a food industry giant that produces tons of food from their central kitchen daily, then the kind of ozone water disinfection system you need will be very different from what is needed at the cafe that is run by mom and dad. But there is an ROI driven, immediately effective ozone water system available to everyone and every need.

Let our team at Medklinn share our expertise to find an ozone water solution that works for you.


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