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Prepare Your Hotel For A New Breed of Travelers

By Admin • May 14, 2019
Hoteliers take note! There is a new breed of traveler on the rise worldwide and they will be staying at your hotel. Are you ready to accommodate them?

Yet another growing byproduct of modern living is a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). People who suffer from MCS display severe allergic reactions or sensitivities to a wide spectrum of pollutants ranging from various man made Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as paints,

glues, solvents, cleaning chemicals, fragrances, building materials, pesticides and vehicular emissions, to organic contaminants like moulds, dust mites, pet dander, and pollens. And while you may not have diesel trucks running through your hallways, your property probably has almost every other component in the above list. If you haven’t already met an MCS customer, you will. Because the number of people with MCS is only going to increase.

MCS Can Be Dangerous

How MCS will manifest and what causes it can vary greatly. For one person, scented laundry products in sheets and towels can give rise to an allergy-like reaction. For another person, small amounts of toxins such as formaldehyde that is used in the glue to build furniture can cause a reaction. Mould trapped behind wallpaper or lurking in aircon filters, dust mites in mattresses or seat cushions, lingering smoke or pesticide smells, shampoo used to clean the carpets – the list goes on. MCS can result in gastrointestinal problems, respiratory problems, impaired cognitive abilities, severe migraines. Children with MCS can have seizures and asthma attacks. The bottom line is: For someone who suffers from MCS, travelling and staying in a hotel is a very troublesome and very daunting undertaking which requires a considerable amount of self preparation and care.


12% of the population is suffering from MCS

Research done in the United States shows that about 12% of the population is suffering from MCS, and up to 30% of the population is fragrance sensitive, pointing to the fact that fragrances and scents used in indoor environments alone is a major culprit in this growing problem. Over recent years, people have started to connect the dots between fragrances and modern illnesses, and numerous studies and research conducted worldwide are consistently showing that the collection of synthetic chemicals that are used to make up most of air fragrances or air fresheners are carcinogenic, many of which are linked to the development of serious disorders and disease. Chemicals found in air fresheners for example, such as formaldehyde and benzene, are known to cause cancer in humans and the WHO recommends zero exposure to such substances. However, never-ending indoor odor issues, combined with robust marketing budgets and almost no government regulations, the fragrance sector has become the haven which businesses turn to for solutions to their indoor environment problems.

Accommodate the MCS Travelers
Opened door of hotel room with key in the lock

The irony is that fragrance and scents do absolutely nothing to solve odor or pollutant issues and only add to the distribution of toxic chemicals that harm people. The cold hard fact that is in order to truly eradicate odor – or any man made or organic pollutant – they must be destroyed at a molecular level and not merely masked with other chemical substances. So, the burning question is HOW. How to eradicate pollutants in a truly safe and green manner than can accommodate the MCS and all sensitive travelers? Fragrance free and green detergents, soaps and cleaning agents are always options. Providing rooms that are completely fragrance free is an option. High quality air filter usage for MSC customer rooms can help as well. But all of these have limitations and can have sever time/cost implications. And it may not even work because even “green” products have chemicals, and filters cannot capture VOCs or kill dust mites or moulds.


Be Prepared for Your MSC Customers

The easiest, most effective and cost efficient way to destroy 99.99% of manmade and organic contaminants is to simply install a Medklinn unit in a room. Medklinn’s patented Cerafusion technology works by creating and emitting Active Oxygen into an indoor environment continuously 24/7. Active Oxygen is an entirely chemical free and natural element that is actually created within nature. Through phenomena such as thunderstorms and photosynthesis, the earth creates Active Oxygen within its environment to continuously clean and heal the earth from either natural or manmade contaminants – a process that is critical to the earth’s continuing survival and is currently the most powerful, natural and effective cleaning system known to mankind today. Medklinn is not an air freshener, air filter or air purifier, nor does it use any chemicals or fragrances whatsoever. Medklinn can eradicate pollutants that MCS customers react to because it is capable of destroying pollutants at a molecular level within the air AND on surfaces. If you want truly safe, green, effective solutions call Medklinn and let us help you prepare for your MCS customers.


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