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Having Better Sleep at Night

By Admin • November 15, 2019
There are many factors that affect our sleep but there are ways for us to get better sleep at night

Many people in urban cities are getting more stressed up than ever with the ever-escalating cost of living where we have to stretch our dollar further and further trying to make ends meet. With financial and many other considerations to worry about, you have to ask yourself how do you sleep at night? Stress has been proven to cause insomnia which is the difficulty to fall asleep or the disability to stay asleep for long. Our quality of sleep is at stake and it also has a ripple effect on our work-life balance. There are ways to get better sleep by managing our routine and habits well. Here are some tips to having better sleep at night.

Exercise for Better Sleep

If you have a stress-filled job or often find yourself stressed out which deters you from getting the quality sleep that you need, your body could do with some regular exercise. It’s always good to sweat it out and having regular exercise not only helps to maintain good physical health, but also improves mental and emotional wellbeing too. When exercising, hormones such as endorphins are released in our bodies and it helps the body to reduce the perception of pain and makes us feel good by relaxing. Exercising is a natural form of anti-depressant which helps us with better sleep.

Consistency in Meals and Sleep

Some of the greatest achievements in history can be attributed to consistency, and if great things can come from something simple like this, a good night’s sleep is not too much to ask of. Our bodies are affected deeply by the circadian rhythm which is commonly referred to as the body clock. People who tend to have a pre-set daily routine are more likely to have less trouble sleeping because their bodies are accustomed to the bedtime consistency. Taking meals at irregular hours contribute to lousy sleep. When we make our bodies work overtime when they are supposed to detox and rest at night, we ought to see it coming that it leads to discomfort and indigestion. Therefore, if you are struggling with your sleep, try considering a change in your meal and bedtime pattern.

Connecting with Nature

The feeling of anxiety is something that we experience from time to time no matter who we are. Being anxious stresses us out and also weakens our immune system in the long run which causes us to fall sick easily. Nature has been proven to help restore our balance when it comes to anxiety and depression. Spending more time connecting with nature could mean going for walks in the park, going for hikes, going camping, building your own terrarium, or going to the great outdoors and relaxing by a waterfall. These activities do wonders in terms of emotional healing, this is something that many city dwellers are in shortage of. Connecting with nature sooths the mind and lets us have better sleep at night no doubt.

Having a Conducive Bedroom Environment

The bedroom environment plays a key role in attaining a good night’s sleep. There are many factors in our bedroom setup that helps determine if we will be getting the 8-hour sleep we need. The air we breathe, the lighting in the room, and the noise disturbances are factors that should be thoughtfully addressed for all of us and especially those with insomnia. The bedroom is where we spend a significant amount of time and so logically it should be where we put in the most effort into making it as comfortable as possible.

Active Oxygen for Better Sleep

Active Oxygen is a form of oxygen that is created by nature and is found in abundance in places like waterfalls, rivers, forests, and the atmosphere. In recent years, the benefits of Active Oxygen have been gaining more public awareness especially due to its cost-effectiveness. Cerafusion™ Technology developed by Medklinn creates Active Oxygen giving us a new breath of fresh air while killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances around us. The Versa Air and Surface Sterilizer is the perfect air device to have in your home and bedroom to help you relax and letting you have better sleep at night.

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