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Creating Healthier Living Spaces

By Admin • April 7, 2020
In achieving better health, we must be mindful of the things that we surround ourselves with.

We are constantly surrounded by all kinds of things during the day and all through the night. These things include buildings, its furniture, fixtures, appliances, and other equipment. Some of them are under our control and there are those that are not. When we want to create our dream home, there are many factors that we need to consider, among them are the cost, practicality, and aesthetic value. As there is always more than meets the eye in designing our ideal living space, there are underlying effects to all decisions we make and some of the décor or furniture may be healthier for our family compared to others. Let’s talk about some simple ways in creating a healthier living space.

Choosing the Right Materials

Having the right furniture not only makes our home look more pleasant, but it is also more comfortable to live in. Choosing the right material is important and each one has its own unique features. Linen is a hardy and strong natural fibre made from flax which is smooth and comfortable to sit on, but it wrinkles easily. Cotton and wool are two common fabrics used in furniture and although they are comfortable, they too wrinkle easily and are not as tough as linen. Therefore we often find a blend of these materials in our furniture. These 3 breathable materials in furniture make our homes welcoming to ourselves and our guests but at the same time, they absorb the dirt and pollutants that are in the air. Other materials such as leather and polyester are easy to clean and they are more lasting but with it comes the down side of higher cost and maintenance.

Healthier Office Desks

Working hard to earn a living, we spend many hours of the day in the office and seated at our desks. With us and around us are all kinds of office stationery and equipment. These items include, scanners, printers, storage boxes, newspaper, inks, cupboards, and shelves. Many of these items collect dust and some even produce/ emit unhealthy particles into the air when they are in use. It would be advisable to sit farther away from these unwanted items and often be mindful to keep our desks clean and neat. This will add up to reducing the exposure to unhealthy airborne particles that affect our general health.

Healthier Commute

Getting to work and home on a daily basis, we end up spending a big portion of the day entrapped in our cars. In this modern age, our cars are fitted with reasonably good air conditioning and filtrations systems which keep most of the surrounding pollution out. Nonetheless, there are still many harmful pollutants which are colourless and odourless. Being unable to see or smell these chemicals that have sipped through our car ventilation system, we then unknowingly suffer breathing in all kinds of toxic air much of which are the exhaust fumes from the cars ahead of us which we keep circulating internally. This process can make in-car pollution 5 times worse than what it is outside of our vehicles. Some of these chemicals include nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other fine and ultra fine particles (UFPs).

Choosing Health

Be it selecting home decoration, reorganizing office spaces, or car maintenance, creating personal living spaces are what we have been doing all along, but now at an age to be more concerned about our health and our family’s well being, we emphasis on creating healthier living spaces. Having practical and good hygiene practices are the simplest ways of reducing exposure to dust but there are all kinds of other airborne hazards such as bacteria, allergens, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer helps us to eliminate the threats mentioned above by killing 99.9% of all allergens, bacteria, viruses and significantly helps asthma patients. Using active oxygen to sterilize the air in an enclosed space, rest assured that we will now have much healthier living spaces. Find out more about the Medklinn HomeTravel series and also the Auto series.

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