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Selecting the Right Air Treatment System for your Home

By Admin • April 5, 2019
Finding the perfect air purification and air sterilization system for a healthier home.

Home is where the heart is and it is the place where we care about the most in the world. Because here is where we are most comfortable, most secure, and have a sense of belonging among many other things. A home is more than a house because it is where you have a sense of security knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from harm’s way. But in modern times with air pollution being a main cause of sicknesses and allergic triggers, we strive to find the perfect air purification and air sterilization system to protect our families from the harmful dust, bacteria, allergens that are found all around us in the air.


Purifying vs. Sterilizing

To purify a substance is to have its contaminants removed, to render it pure again. In the context of air purification, we often hear about the many types of air filtration systems in the market including those with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters, carbon filters, UV light filters and so on. Meanwhile, air sterilization is the process of eliminating such as killing or deactivating all forms of microorganisms that may pose a threat to our health. In hospitals, we are encouraged to use alcohol hand sterilizers to rid the viruses and bacteria that we may have contracted when in contact with the surfaces in the hospital.


The Importance of Purifying and Sterilizing

The process of air purification and sterilization are usually done separately in most modern household air treatment appliances. There is a wide range of air filtration systems available in the market that can remove very minute particulate matter in the air. These matter are the particles floating around us but are unseen by the human eye for we can see no smaller than 40 micron (micrometer). With the technology available, air treatment systems can

now filter off matter that are smaller than 1 micron. We all know that air pollution is harmful to our health, but not many are aware that the quality of indoor air could be much worse than the outdoors. This is simply because contained areas allow for pollutants and bacteria to build up and that is why sterilizing is just as important as purifying.


How Does It Work?

To purify indoor air does not necessarily mean that the air in our homes must be sucked into a machine before it goes through several layers of filters in order for it to have its contaminants removed. On the other hand, to sterilize the surfaces of our homes does not necessarily require us to use disinfectants to wipe and scrub all the tables, counter tops, and floors in order to kill the viruses and bacteria or even allergens in our homes.

There are easier ways to get things done and they include the usage of active oxygen. Active oxygen is naturally created when there is moving water, plant photosynthesis and thunderstorms. It is a form of Air+Surface Sterilizer because this healthy type of molecules can be created and discharged into the surroundings of our home purifying the air and sterilizing harmful microorganisms and airborne particles that it comes in contact with. It is a more proactive and effective approach when active oxygen reaches out to eliminate these health hazards in our home rather than having a bulky machine to vacuum whatever comes close to it. This is because active oxygen discharged from a little device can move freely and reach every corner of our homes with its ozone quickly killing harmful microorganisms and its negative ions attaching itself to dust and airborne particles and weighing it to the ground. We’ll soon notice more dust appearing on the surfaces and all we need to do is to wipe it clean.


The Right Air Treatment System For You

Today we are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing an air treatment system for our homes. Ultimately we want something that can do the job of purifying and sterilizing our homes but at the same time be cost effective. Apart from affordability, we also need to consider the maintenance of these products, whether they require many part replacements, cost of servicing and so forth. There are many products out there that can help to improve the quality of the air we breathe at home, but choosing the right one is never tough when we know the benefits of active oxygen especially with its air + surface effectiveness.

The Cerafusion™ Technology developed by Medklinn creates active oxygen thus giving us a new breath of fresh air just like nature. Killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances in the air and on surfaces, the Asens+ is the perfect air treatment system for your home that can help to keep you and your loved ones healthy and out of harm’s way including sinus allergies. If you are out and about very often, the Versa will be the ideal companion because it can be powered by a powerbank or simply a Micro USB cable.

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