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Medklinn VS Air Filters or Air Purifiers

By Admin • June 14, 2018

Air filters. Air purifiers. What are they, and what do they really do?
And how exactly is Medklinn different?
The difference is actually huge, but not always understood. So here we are going to break it down in its simplest form to help make it a little clearer.

Air Filters & Air Purifiers

In today’s market, air filters and air purifiers are fundamentally offering the same function: to remove contaminants from your air.

An air filter uses some form of filtration system to capture harmful particles in the air that have negative effects on our health and often cause sinus allergies such as dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite feces, mould, spores and some larger gaseous particles from smoke etc. An air purifier for home usually offers much of the same air filtration system, but may also include some form of additional cleaning mechanism such as the emission of negative ions or the inclusion of activated carbon within the filters as well – thus elevating itself to status of “purifier” rather than merely a “filter”.

Either way, the fundamental cleaning processes of air filters and air purifiers are basically the same: they suck in the air within its immediate surroundings, pass the air through a filtering system which captures larger harmful contaminants in the air, and then passes the cleansed air back into the environment in which it came from. The inclusion of additional purifying functions can perhaps make a cleaning process more effective or thorough, but regardless, it is probably easiest to think of these systems as a kind of air vacuum cleaner that sucks air in, filters, and blows air back out.

Limitations of Air Filters & Air Purifiers

These kind of suck-in-and-blow-out filter based systems have some limitations:
Just like a regular vacuum cleaner can only clean the area that it is applied to, a filter based air filter or air purifier cleaning system of any kind can only really draw in the air in its immediate surroundings. It can only really suck in and pump out cleaner air around the area which it stands.

So for example, if you wanted to really clean the air of a room with a filter based system, one needs to capture all the air at the point as it goes into the room and pump only clean air into the room. Otherwise you are just cleaning some of the air in the room that ends up flowing or circulating near the air filter or purifier itself. Air filters and air purifiers are also only able to catch and remove larger airborne particles. They do not have the capacity to remove much smaller particles found in gasses or carcinogenic Volatile Organic Compounds which are linked to serious diseases such as cancer and are much more harmful to one’s health. They also do not have the ability to remove or destroy viruses, bacteria or moulds which are some of the most common pollutants that cause illnesses in our everyday lives.

And most importantly, air filters and air purifiers are limited to cleaning just the air and do not address all of the pollutants and contaminants that are trapped on all of the surfaces of an indoor space.

Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizers

Medklinn does not work by sucking in contaminants in the air and filtering them out through any form of filtration system.

Medklinn’s entirely unique and patented Cerafusion Technology works by actively emitting Active Oxygen into your indoor spaces continuously everyday 24/7, effectively and efficiently destroying all forms of pollutants including gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores, allergens, as well as bad smells not only in the air but on all of our living surfaces as well. Medklinn is not an air filter or an air purifier. Medklinn is an Air+Surface Sterilizer because it is capable of truly cleaning the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch by rendering any sort of natural or man-made contaminant harmless at a molecular level.

Active Oxygen is an entirely chemical-free and natural element that is created by Mother Nature within nature itself. The earth creates Active Oxygen within its environment to constantly clean and heal the earth from contaminants – a process that without the earth could not exist. Medklinn’s Cerafusion Technology re-creates this Active Oxygen to clean and heal our indoor living spaces just like Mother Nature does to clean the earth’s environment. It is currently the most powerful, natural and effective cleaning system known to mankind today.

Because Medklinn fills your living space with Active Oxygen rather than merely filtering out some pollutants, it does not have the limitations that air filters and air purifiers have. Medklinn can reach the far corners of your living spaces in the air as well as on the surfaces, freeing you from harmful pollutants and contaminants all day, everyday.

Watch this video to learn more.