Do Something About Your Sinus Allergies

Why are you or a loved one putting up with feeling congested all the time when there is a simple and natural solution?

Incidences of respiratory allergies such as allergic rhinitis and sinusitis have increased dramatically in our society. It is estimated that almost one-third of any community suffers from some form of sinus related allergies.

The four most common sinus infection triggers are:

  • Dust Mites Allergens, Pet Dander, Mould & Fungi
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Chemicals Such As Artificial Fragrances
  • Harmful Gases & Smoke.

Why Medklinn works?

The most common assumption is that these harmful pollutants are in the air we breathe.

The reality is that only a very small percentage of these pollutants are found in the air, while the vast majority are trapped on the surfaces of beds, cushions, sofas, curtains and carpet.

Unless we can eliminate harmful pollutants such as dust mites from the air as well as from the surfaces, we can never really be free from this prison of sinus infection.

The Myth about Dust Mites

Many people think that dust and dust mites are the real culprits causing allergic rhinitis or sinus infection. However, the real truth is that it is actually the protein in the faeces of the dust mites.

Regular vacuuming and air filtering might remove a small percentage of the constantly multiplying faeces of dust mites which are embedded everywhere: mattress, bed sheets and covers, pillows, curtains, cushions, carpet and on every surface. Therefore, it is not an effective nor a convenient long term solution for sinus infection or allergic rhinitis.

The most effective and hassle-free way to combat this dust mite issue is to fill up your entire living space with Active Oxygen 24/7 to denature the protein in the dust mite faeces found in all these surfaces.

A proven drug-free & natural solution

We at Medklinn have a better solution against sinus infection and dust mite allergy. Medklinn creates Active Oxygen in your living space to safely and effectively sterilize your air and surfaces without the use of any air filters or any chemicals. 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, moulds, dust mite allergy, sinus infection or allergic rhinitis and fungi are eliminated. Allergens and toxic pollutants that are neutralized render us harmless. It is the best sinus treatment.

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