B. Operation Guide

i. Why is there a metallic smell from the device? Does the smell indicate the effectiveness of the device?

The metallic smell is caused by the oxidation process. However, smell should not be used to determine the effectiveness of the device. Smell is very subjective and can vary from one location to another and at different times. A rough indication to determine if the device is operating is to detect hissing sounds from the unit. Place the unit next to your ear to detect the hissing sounds.

ii. How do I know if the unit is operating?

When the unit is switched on, by default – three LED light indicators will be lit. This indicates that the unit is operating at HI mode. In addition, you should hear a slight hissing sound coming from the unit.

iii. How do I turn on the fan (only applicable for Asens+60)?

By default, the fan is turned off. To turn on the fan, press and hold the control button for 5 seconds and vice versa.

iv. Where do I place the unit?

Please place the device under or next to a source of air circulation such as a fan or an air conditioner for best performance – the air current will help to disperse the Active Oxygen much quicker throughout the room.

Also, it is highly recommended to place the unit at least 2 feet from your normal sitting or sleeping position as well as at tabletop height.

v. How long should I leave the unit running?

MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer is designed to be in operation 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. The device is meant to be left on at all times so that it can continuously clean your indoor spaces around the clock. This means that your indoor air and surfaces are being cleaned and refreshed throughout the day and night, reducing the dangers of air pollutants, airborne germs and dust particles to you and your family.

vi. Should I move it from room to room?

It is highly recommended that the device is kept in one room all the time. This will allow continuous cleaning of the air and surfaces within that room and ensure that it is always clean and fresh. Moving the device from room to room will prevent this round the clock cleaning.

vii. Is it safe to leave the device switched on when I am away on vacation?

It is perfectly safe to leave the device running even when the house is empty. In fact, leaving the unit on will ensure that the indoor air and surfaces are kept clean and fresh, and prevent fungal growth and musty smells developing. Just ensure that the ventilation slots of the unit are not covered so that excessive heat will not build up.

viii. (Autoplus) Why is the device affecting car’s radio frequency?

Because it produces the electronic magnetic interference, which affects the radio frequency.

ix. (Autoplus) Can I leave the device in the cigarette lighter socket under the hot sun?

Yes, in working condition, the device can withstand up to 35°C.

x. (Autoplus) Do I need to unplug the device every time when I leave my car?

No, you do not need to unplug the device.

xi. How long does it take for the device to clean the air in the car/room?

This will depend on the following factors:

– Size of the vehicle/room
-Pollution level in the vehicle/room
-Duration of the journey (applicable to cars only)
Generally, it will clean the air continuously once the unit is turned on. For residue odour, it might take from a few days up to a few weeks depending on the condition.

xii. Why do I feel dizzy after using Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer?

If you feel dizzy after using Medklinn, try adjusting it to a lower setting. If you still feel uncomfortable, please contact us.