A. What is Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer?

i. How does Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer work?

MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizers creates Active Oxygen to purify Air and Sterilize Surfaces, eliminating 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances in both air and surfaces – naturally and without any chemicals.

ii. Why do we need to sterilise the surfaces?

The pollutants in the air represent only a very small percentage of the total indoor pollution. Majority of the pollutants are trapped on surfaces such as table, beddings, carpet, sofa and furnishings. If you are only cleaning the air, you are only “cleaning” a very small percentage of the total indoor pollutants, leaving most the pollutants that are on surfaces and VOCs emanating from materials.

Therefore, the most effective way to clean any indoor space is to eliminate pollutants that are trapped on the surfaces as well as in the air.

iii. Does it function like an ionizer?

You can learn more at this link.

iv. Does it function like ozonizer?

You can learn more at this link.

v. Medklinn does not filter the air, how can it improve the air quality?

Medklinns’ patented CerafusionTM technology creates Active Oxygen, replicating natural phenomena such as Thunderstorms and plant photosynthesis. To learn more about what Active Oxygen does, click on the link here.

vi. What is the difference between Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizers and other air purifiers or air filters?

• Air Purifiers can only filter air-borne pollutants but not pollutants on the surfaces, whereas Medklinn can deal effectively with pollutants that are air-borne and on the surfaces.
• Air Purifiers can only trap microorganism in filters, whereas Medklinn can kill them.
• Air Purifiers can only filter air-borne pollutants bigger than 0.3 microns, whereas Medklinn can filter even smaller particles such as VCOs.
• Air Purifiers do not kill microorganism (they only trap them in filters), but Medklinn does.
• Air Purifiers cannot filter pollutants smaller than 0.3 microns such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), but Medklinn does.
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vii. What is the difference between Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilisers and dehumidifiers?

Medklinn does not dehumidify. It cleans the air and sterilises the surfaces. Dehumidifiers can only reduce the humidity level.

viii. The device is so small, can it really work?

We truly believe that big things come in small packages. The Versa is specially devised to be small for the ease of travelling, so that you can stay protected wherever you go.
All our Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizers are tested scientifically to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, moulds, VOCs and other harmful pollutants.
Click here to view our Microbiology Test.

ix. How can I get fresh air if I keep my windows and doors closed all the time?

When you use the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer, your indoor spaces will be cleaner and fresher than the outdoors, especially if you are living in the city. Do not worry about the level of oxygen as there is always a constant flow and exchange of air from your room with the outside from the opening and closing as well as gaps in the door. Even with the windows and door closed, the percentage of oxygen will always be maintained at around 21%. The MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer is very effective in removing any smell or mustiness normally associated with closed rooms.

x. Can I use the device if I am using an air conditioner? What if my air conditioner comes with an ionizer?

It is fine to use the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer with an air conditioner. Most of the ionizers incorporated into air conditioners generate only a minimal number of negative ions and cannot clean the indoor air effectively. In addition, since most air conditioners are not in use continuously, indoor air will only be cleaned intermittently. However, with the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer, round the clock cleaning takes place, and therefore the indoor spaces are always refreshed.

xi. If I close my doors and windows and I am using a fan in my room, wouldn’t the room be stuffy?

This is dependent upon the orientation of the room with respect to the sun. It can obviously get hot and stuffy during the day. However, in any urban situation, opening the windows can be extremely hazardous as it allows pollution to continually enter the room.

xii. How do I know that the device is really working in cleaning dust and germs/dust mite allergens from my room as I cannot see it with my naked eyes?

After a day or so of operating the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer in an enclosed room, you will notice that your floor is dustier than usual. Active Oxygen is removing the dust from the air so that you are not breathing it in, and therefore not causing harm to you. With regular cleaning, and keeping windows and doors closed, the dust accumulating on the floor will be less and less. This is an indication that airborne dust and other pollutants have been reduced. If you suffer from allergies due to house dust mites, you may also notice that your allergies improve substantially with continued use of the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizer, as the allergens in the air and on your bedding are destroyed by Active Oxygen.

xiii. I am unconvinced as I do not see any evidence of trapped dust unlike those in conventional air filters.

Please refer to (4)(a)(xi).

xiv. How can Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer help sinus, allergic rhinitis and asthma complications?

Sinuses are the cavities in our skull that fill with the air we breathe through our nose. In order to protect this passage, mucus is produced to help keep it clear of pollutants and allergens. But sometimes the tissue surrounding these cavities get inflamed, blocking the passage of air and trapping the mucus which is meant to protect us – turning the entire breathing process into the breathing nightmare called sinusitis. The most common pollutants that trigger sinus reactions are:


allergens such as the protein in the faeces of dust mites, pet dander, moulds and fungi, and toxic compounds such as chemicals, artificial fragrance, harmful gases and smoke.

Medklinn’s Air+Surface Sterilizers are one of the best short and long term solutions to managing sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma complications because it can eliminate sinusitis causing contaminants that are in the air as well as on all surfaces, without the use of any chemicals whatsoever.

Its patented CerafusionTM Technology works by generating and emitting Active Oxygen into your living spaces continuously 24/7, effectively eliminating pollutants at a molecular level – including 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, VOCs, malodors and an entire spectrum of allergens such as moulds, spores, pollen, dust mite feces, pet dander etc.