Service Centre Terms and Conditions


1. Any shipping costs incurred for delivery of the defective product to the authorized Medklinn Service Centre is solely the responsibility of the Customer.


2. Actual service time will vary depending on the diagnostics, repair required, parts availability, and total shipping time. Medklinn will make every effort to complete depot repairs with expediency and will provide you with estimates at the time of service.


3. Medklinn will not be responsible for any delays in servicing the product that is beyond our control. Medklinn will also not be responsible for any loss of revenue, time or inconvenience caused due to delays that are beyond our control.


4. Medklinn reserves the right to charge the Customer for any urgent request to expedite the service process.


5. Medklinn will not be liable for any damage to the product during transit to the Medklinn Service Centre.


6. For service or warranty claims, it is important that the Customer submits the warranty card or proof of purchase to the Medklinn Service Centre to avoid any delay in the process. Medklinn reserves the right to reject any service/warranty claims if the Customer has not submitted the warranty card or proof of purchase.


7. If the Customer has not submitted the warranty card after purchasing the product, the Customer MUST present the original proof of purchase and the warranty card for verification before any service/warranty claim is accepted.


8. Any service done on the product including replacing new parts does not mean that the product warranty is extended.


9. If the warranty period has expired, the Customer is required to pay for any cost incurred for servicing/repairing the device.


10. If there is any cost incurred in servicing/repairing the device, payment must be made upon/before collection.


11. The product is warranted for parts and labour for 90 days after completion of repair/servicing, unless otherwise specified.