Cross Infections

Who is More at Risk of Cross Infection when “Grabbing”: Driver or Passenger?

By Admin • June 14, 2018

Mobile e-hailing apps have revolutionized the cab industry in the past few years. These e-hailing apps have made cab riding so much more convenient and reliable for passengers, and have become an extremely viable, flexible, offering an alternative source of income for many people. Win-win. But let’s for a moment look at the under-discussed health risks of cab driving and riding.

People from all walks of life, carrying their own personal concoction of bacteria, viruses and odours go in and out of one cab all day, all year. And the e-hailing drivers of today mostly use their own personal cars. And that means germs that are accumulated in their car will be shared not only with other customers, but also with their family and friends as well. Unlike passengers, drivers are on the road for a large portion of their daily lives, exposing them to road related pollution such as exhaust and various Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Artificial fragrances, various sprays and wipes appear to be the most common weapons of choice amongst many drivers to try to combat germs and odours in their vehicles. While many seem to realize the limitations as well as the health dangers of these choices, they are unaware of a better and healthier option.

The passengers have to face similar risks. Sitting in an enclosed space that has been occupied by numerous unknowns can be a very uncomfortable and certainly a risky proposition. How often has the average passenger climbed into a cab (maybe with their child too?), quietly grimaced at strange odours and wondered if it is residual odours from past passengers, or is it the driver, or is this cab just really dirty? How many times has a passenger looked around at the general state of the interior and noticed and wondered how clean it is and how safe they are from unhygienic elements accumulated over time? Shared bacteria, viruses, malodours, dust, allergens in an enclosed space pose just as much of a risk to the passenger as the driver.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were possible to sterilize the air and all of the surfaces of a cab continuously during the course of everyday, so that both drivers and passengers could be better protected?

Well, here’s the news: It is entirely possible.

Medklinn has for the past 12 years been using the patented Cerafusion Technology that emits Active Oxygen to continuously sterilize the air, as well as surfaces in any indoor spaces safely and effectively. This chemical-free and environmentally friendly technology effectively kills 99.9% of all known bacteria and viruses, denatures allergens such as dust mite allergens, destroys moulds and spores at a molecular level, and eliminates VOCs as well as any malodours.

While there are many products designed for home as well as commercial applications, the Autoplus is specifically designed to keep the in-car space safe and healthy for its occupants.

Medklinn Autoplus, making driving or riding a cab a 5-star experience for everyone!