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Truth About Air Filters and Air Purifiers

By Admin • October 12, 2018
What Air Filter and Purifier Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Congratulations! You recognize the importance of breathing clean air. And now you’re thinking about getting an air filter or air purifier.

Your journey to better health is a very important one, so allow us to share with you here some important facts about air filters and air purifiers that will enable you to be completely aware of what you are signing up for. Or not.

Air Filters and Air Purifiers Only Catch Pollutants In the AIR

This may sound fine and dandy, until we share the fact that as much as up to 90% of pollutants (dust, bacteria, viruses, allergens, moulds, foul odours etc) actually reside on the surfaces of our living spaces, not in the air. This means that even if an air filter or purifier is sucking in air and filtering out pollutants using the best HEPA and/or other various combinations of filters, the majority of contaminants which are damaging your health are still sitting there, untouched.

So, for example: It may feel like a really good idea to put an air filter in your child’s room to help with her sinus allergies, but those allergens which plague her are not so much in the air as they are in her bed, the carpet, the furniture, the curtains, and the dark corners. In other words – on the surfaces.

Air Filters and Air Purifiers Do Not Disinfect or Sterilize

Once an air filter or purifier sucks out pollutants from the air, where do they all go?
To the filters. And there they stay, happily living and accumulating. And if all the dust, bacteria, allergens, spores etc. pile up too much, s

ome are blown back out into your living space again, and presto – you actually end up recycling pollutants.
Keep in mind: filters and purifiers do not kill or oxidize or denature or disinfect or sterilize pollutants. Bacteria and viruses don’t die just because they’ve been sucked out of the air. Allergens don’t get denatured because they are sitting in a filter. Mould and spores are not killed because they are trapped. Think about it this way: If someone invades your home, you can lock them in a closet, but that doesn’t really solve the problem, does it?

No Filter Can Catch Pollutants Smaller Than 0.3 Microns

This is a fact for all filters.
So the question is: what is smaller than 0.3 microns?
The answer is: the stuff that is actually MOST damaging to your health.
Viruses. An enormous range of bacteria. Smoke, gasses. Toxic fume particles known as Volatile Organic Compounds which are carcinogenic and extremely dangerous to our health.
In today’s modern life, we live in a soup of VOCs that are found in things like vehiclular and factory pollution, haze, glues and chemicals found in building materials, fabrics, furniture, copying machines, common cleaning chemicals, fragrances. The list goes on, and breathing these continuously within our indoor living environment is very damaging to our health. Despite advancing medicines, technology and modernization, people continue to get sicker and sicker. And air filters and air purifiers cannot address these very dangerous pollutants.


What To Do Then?

The question then is: What is out there that can sterilize an entire spectrum of contaminants, in the air and on surfaces, without the use of any filters or chemicals, and truly elevate the cleanliness and health of our living spaces?

The answer is: Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizers.

Medklinn recognized many years ago that sucking up pollutants in the air and catching them in a filter just simply does not address the core of how to make our indoor environments more healthy. We went back the source of life – nature – for our inspiration. Mother Nature creates Active Oxygen through a series of natural phenomena such as photosynthesis, flowing water, waves, sunlight, thunderstorms, and it is this Active Oxygen that helps clear the planet of natural and manmade pollutants. Without it, earth could not survive, and it is currently the most powerful and effective sterilizing force known to mankind. So we decided to take a cue from nature and recreate Active Oxygen for our indoor living spaces. Our patented Cerafusion Technology creates and emits Active Oxygen into your space continuously 24/7, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, denaturing various allergens such as dust mite feces, pet dander and pollens, killing mould and spores, oxidizing foul odours and eliminating VOCs – all from the air we breathe as well as from the surfaces that we touch.

So if you are interested in equipping yourself with something that can truly make your indoor environment a healthier one, open your mind beyond filtering and think about “Medklinning”.

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