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The Major Concerns of Living with Pets

By Admin • September 5, 2019
There are some serious considerations that need to be thought out before living with pets.

Pets bring abundance of joy into our lives as we care for them and they reciprocate in their owns ways. In modern society, there are many restrictions imposed on us if we were to live in a high-rise building with our pets due to the concerns of safety, noise, hygiene, and the use of common areas. Nonetheless, many people still have pets at home and although having them indoors will allow us to better care for their health as it is a more controlled environment, there is also a certain amount of factors that we need to consider in order to protect the wellbeing of our family and our neighbours.

Noise and Boundaries

If you have dogs, you would know that not every neighbour welcomes that. You may have the cutest and quietest dog or cat, but there is always someone in the neighbourhood who is against the idea and is constantly complaining about it, even more so if your pet is a noisy one or likes to trespass into their property. For the greater good of the neighbourhood, it is best to have our pets housetrained. To know when to and when not to bark, to be well behaved to not cause a ruckus among other people or their pets, and not to mark their territories just about every corner. In short, we must ensure that we and our pets keep the noise and boundaries in check, and learn to co-exist harmoniously with our neighbours.

Safe Activities

Living with pets, we want to make sure that our pets are not neglected while we are out and they have enough activities to keep them occupied. In our absence, they should have toys to chew and chase if they are dogs or cats. Those who have hamsters and rabbits, should allow them to have ample space to climb or hop around. Those who have dogs should take them out on walks frequently so that not only the furry friend gets exercise, you too will be able to have a simple workout. If your pets are often hyper and always jumping around, be sure they do not endanger themselves and others. If your dog is always trying to run out of your house, make sure to seal off those spaces where they try to squeeze out, this will ensure they don’t get injured or cause a nuisance outside.

Health Concerns

Many people are concerned with the health risks associated to living with pets. Those with asthma and other respiratory conditions tend to have a negative reaction when around pets. This also goes for people with other allergies where sneezing and rashes are the most obvious signs. Although it was commonly thought that animal fur was the main element which causes asthmatic reactions in people, new light has been shed on this matter in recent years indicating that it is the animal dander being the culprit. What exactly is animal dander? To put it simply, dander is a protein found in animal saliva, hair, and skin flakes. These particles are minute in size and are airborne therefore capable of travelling around the house and can be inhaled by us through our noses and mouths. For many people without allergies or are simply less sensitive, there are no obvious issues, but it may have a long-term effect in our overall health. Needless to say, those with asthma or allergies feel it the most including having symptoms of wheezing, coughing, sneezing, chest discomfort, and shortness of breath. Health is the main concern of living with pets and we are constantly finding ways to overcome this issue because we truly do not want this to come in the way between us and our beloved pets.

Just like the dust and bacteria at home, we must find a solution to combat the unavoidable pet dander around us if we are to live with pets. Medklinn uses Cerafusion™ Technology to create Active Oxygen which is released from the device to its surroundings. Active Oxygen is a natural air purifier and sanitizer whereby it attaches itself to the bacteria and dander found in the air and on surfaces of our homes, naturally destroys the dander and bacteria at a molecular level rendering it harmless and just in need of a simple sweep of the floor. Killing 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould, and other toxic substances around us, the Medklinn Asens+ is a multi-functional device to safeguard the health of our family and giving us the joy of living with our pets.

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