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Stop Your Exhaust Systems from Sucking Out Profit

By Admin • June 20, 2018

ALERT: Your exhaust duct system is sucking out more time, money, safety than anything else!

Standard oil and grease filters in exhaust systems only capture 20-40% of particles.  This means that the build up starts in the filters and continues to contaminate your hood, the entire duct, and the outside exhaust exit.  You increase what causes a decrease in your profit:  the risk of fire, cleaning time, and costs from labor, repairs, maintenance, chemicals, water.  If you include the issues of combating inside and outside odor problems, it just keep adding up.

Medklinn’s patented, sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies can solve these issues with maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

Our Shepard Filter captures up to 98% of airborne grease and oil before it enters the exhaust system, dramatically reducing hazards, time and costs. At the same time, our High Performance Ozone system can eliminate cooking and grease smell that contaminate the indoor and outdoor environments of your establishment.