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Sterilize Before Going Home

By Admin • May 5, 2020
It is important to ensure we do not bring home viruses and bacteria


Having a household to take care of is not easy, and with the COVID-19 crisis, we have to take extra caution when we are out to ensure we do not bring the threat of viruses and bacteria back to our families. There are many new norms that we should observe until there is a vaccine for this virus, anyhow, we should still be extra cautious and do our due diligence before coming home.

Infections from Office and Restaurants

The office is where most of us spend a significant amount of time on a normal workday. Being seated close to our colleagues, sharing common areas such as meeting rooms, pantries, washrooms, and elevators put ourselves at risk of contracting an infection, and even if we don’t we could carry the germs back home on our skin and clothes. The restaurants we dine in is yet another place where infections spread, with crowds of diners packed in these outlets, the spread of pathogens is inevitable especially when proper sanitization is not done thoroughly by the restaurant workers. Having spent most of the day out, we want to return home to unwind and spend time with our loved ones. Going home is the easy part but ensuring that we do not bring home unwanted health hazards to our family is not as simple without the right methods.

Germs in Grocery Stores

Research in recent years have discovered that grocery stores and supermarkets are places where we could easily be infected by sicknesses due to the large amount of pathogens on surfaces and the air in these places. It does not matter if the store is a budget one or an upscale one, as long as there are many people, there are many kinds of pathogens. These bacteria, germs, and viruses lurk all over the stores and the trolley is where we can find the highest count. This is because of the physical contact of people holding the handles after touching all kinds of things. We want to eat healthier and therefore we choose the healthier looking fruits from the pile which has been touched by dozens of people before us, leaving behind pathogens unknowingly. When checking out, the countertop is another surface that we need to be warry of, because people place their groceries, their bags, and cash on the counter. These are the places you’ll find the most germs in grocery stores.

Sterilize before Going Home

Wherever we have been the whole day, we may be carrying millions of germs on our skin and clothes, bags or even our groceries. The last thing we don’t want to do is to bring these unwanted guests home, but how do we eliminate them before we reach our doorstep? In any case, we should first sanitize our hands often when we are out and it will be ideal to sanitize once more when we get to the car. That counts for our hands, but not for all the other things we carry or wear, so we should have an air sterilizer in the car that can reach all corners and all surfaces to effectively kill these pathogens before they follow us home and harm our loved ones.

The Medklinn Autoplus is a sleek and energy efficient air purifier for cars that can kill 99.9% of all bacteria, germs, viruses and even removes bad odour. This effective little device creates and releases Active Oxygen which fills up the cabin of our vehicles and not only does it eliminate these threats, it also keeps us refreshed. Active oxygen comprises of Ozone gas and negative ion molecules that attach themselves on pathogens on a molecular level and oxidizes them instantly making them inactive and harmless to us no more. Apart from good hygiene practices, we can use Medklinn’s patented Cerafusion™ technology to sterilize before going home. Get your Medklinn Autoplus from as low as RM13 a month!

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