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Precautions against Coronavirus

By Admin • February 18, 2020

We must do our due diligence in keeping ourselves safe from the Coronavirus outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak which originated in Wuhan, China has been rapidly spreading to different parts of the globe and taking the lives over 700 people and having over 30,000 infected, this worrisome epidemic is quickly becoming a pandemic which poses an alarming threat to everyone be it near or far. The economies of East Asian countries are terribly affected with many businesses shutting their doors while large corporations cease much of their operations which affect the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of employees. Panic buying has begun in city states like Hong Kong and Singapore where people are sweeping supermarket shelves clean of essential goods in the belief that the situation will worsen, and government control is not effective in protecting them and their families. However, as individuals, there are numerous precautions that we can take in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Having Good Personal Hygiene


To look presentable and to feel fresh, it is always a good idea to have good personal hygiene, even more so with the occurrence of the influenza and Coronavirus threat. Washing our hands with soap frequently is the basic that we must know, the process of handwashing with soap for 20 to 30 seconds will rid our hands of must bacteria and viruses that we pick up from touching surfaces, but most importantly is that it prevents these nasty microorganisms from entering our body when we habitually touch our eyes and nose. Be mindful not to touch surfaces unnecessarily such as escalator handles, tabletops where countless other people have touched. Perspiration is inevitable and we sweat throughout the day on our palms, armpits, and back that make our clothes moist. This creates a conducive environment for bacteria to grow, so be sure to shower more often and change our clothes in order to stay clean and fresh.

Masks & Sanitizers

Having to be out of home and into public places means putting ourselves at greater risk of infection but at this point, it is not something that we need to entirely avoid so long as we take proper precautions. In places that are crowded with people should be avoided but if it is necessary to be there and especially if we have a weak immune system, it is advisable to wear a surgical face mask or a N95 respiratory mask that prevents 95% of all airborne particles entering our lungs. Touching surfaces like door handles, petrol pumps, ATM machines and lift buttons could spread bacteria and viruses from those surfaces and onto our hands. Therefore, whenever it is inconvenient to wash our hands, it is wise to use anti-bacterial sanitizers. So be sure to get your hands on those masks and sanitizers for the bacteria to stay off.

Avoid Non-Essential Travel

Akin to staying away from public places unnecessarily, we should also avoid non-essential travelling during this troubled period. The Coronavirus has been known to have spread to countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia by travellers who came from Wuhan and some of them have transmitted the virus to others. With the virus being able to transmit from person to person, it is advisable for us stay away from foreign cities with higher recorded cases of the virus and where health control is less stringent than ours. Colder places that we may travel to will bring a greater risk of catching the influenza and along with it, the risk of the Coronavirus. Better to be safe than sorry, we can save the travelling plans for another time when the situation is well under control.

Boosting our Immunity

Another way to stand up against the virus is to maintain good health and a simple way to boost up our immunity is to consume fresh fruits and lots of vegetables. Having a well-balanced diet rich with nutrients and complimented with adequate exercise, our bodies will be more resistant to infections. So, stock up on fruits and vegetables and if a hectic lifestyle prevents you from accessing them frequently, there are food supplements that will help. Don’t forget that vitamin c is a quick way to boost our immune system.

Active Oxygen Helps Beat the Virus

Active oxygen is what we find in nature such as in forests, waterfalls, and oceans where water crashes into water and creating ozone with negative ions. When active oxygen is discharged into its surrounding, the high levels of oxygen latches onto harmful bacteria and viruses at a molecular level and oxidizes them rendering them harmless. Medklinn’s Cerafusion Technology creates active oxygen from a mobile device that sanitizes 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, germs, moulds, and allergens on surfaces and in the air. The Medklinn Versa is the ideal sanitizer to have around to protect us and our loved ones in our living spaces.

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