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Medklinn Autoplus VS Car Air Purifier

By Admin • August 25, 2018
Car Air Purifier vs Medklinn Autoplus – What’s the difference?

Regardless of how well or how often we take care of our cars, the reality is that they are, more often than not, little capsules of pollutants driving around on 4 wheels. “Excuse me! My car is spotless!” you may think. And perhaps indeed it is. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is really clean. “Excuse me! I wipe it down, I vacuum, I have a car air purifier!” you may think. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s really a safe or a healthy environment for you or your passengers.

Driving in a car will automatically expose driver and passengers to toxic gasses, fumes, exhaust, smog that is being emitted through traffic on the road and from busy urban surrounding (even with windows closed). When we venture onto the roads in our cars, we are always exposing ourselves to a cocktail of Volatile Organic Compounds of various kinds and of which are carcinogenic (meaning these chemicals are linked to the cause of various forms of diseases, including terminal illness such as cancer). Through frequent use, we (and pets, and food items) also inevitably leave footprints of bacteria, viruses, germs, moulds, allergens and unpleasant smells that not only linger in the air, but also settle deep into the upholstery and equipment of the car.

Vacuuming and wiping frequently can help keep the buildup of pollutants down, but this still doesn’t address VOCs that you are exposed to and microbial pollutants trapped in the interior. A car air purifier may be able to capture larger airborne particulates floating in the air, but they do not have the capacity to destroy biological particles such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, or any form of gasses or fumes or VOC which are the main threat to one’s health. Car air purifiers also cannot remove smells that are embedded in car seats, carpets or air conditioning systems etc. And it is important to note that car air purifiers which claim to “purify” the air by using fragrances can actually be far more detrimental to your health than breathing in car fumes because the chemicals used in creating fragrances are very often very carcinogenic themselves.


Medklinn Autoplus | In-Car Air+Surface Sterilizer

Medklinn Autoplus is not an air purifier, nor does it produce fragrance or in fact use any kind of chemical whatsoever. Medklinn Autoplus is a natural and chemical free Air+Surface Sterilizer. It’s entirely unique and patented Cerafusion Technology works by emitting Active Oxygen into your car interior whenever you are in your car, effectively and efficiently destroying all forms of pollutants at a molecular level including gasses, Volatile Organic Compounds, viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores, allergens, as well as bad smells not only in the air but embedded in your car surfaces such as seats or carpeting.

Active Oxygen is an entirely chemical free and natural element that is created within nature itself. Phenomena such as thunderstorms, photosynthesis, moving water creates Active Oxygen within earth’s environment to constantly clean and heal it from natural or man-made contaminants – a process that without the earth could not exist. Medklinn’s Cerafusion Technology re-creates this Active Oxygen to clean and heal our indoor living spaces just like Mother Nature does to clean the earth’s environment. It is currently the most powerful, natural and effective cleaning system known to mankind today.

So by plugging in a Medklinn Autoplus into your car, you can now create a truly clean, fresh and healthy interior to keep you and all of your passengers safe whenever you are on the go.


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