Indoor Environmental Issues

Freshness by Design

By Admin • November 13, 2019

Eliminating bad odour by going to the root of the issue and bringing in a breath of fresh air in an interior design company to make it conducive for spurring inspiring ideas. This is what our customer wants in line with what they are doing is an interesting perspective. Medklinn has the privileged to help them fulfill the objective.

The Unseen Enemy among Us

When the unseen pollution within the office becomes more than just a foul smell, it can cause the reverse effect on the productivity. This Interior Design (ID) company was one of the many establishments to face this issue where the office was permanently stuck with a musky odour and the pantry was constantly left with a strong remnant smell of food; increasing the possibility of bacteria growth. This is a common phenomenon for many offices in the city and it could happen to any establishment. This is because most offices are enclosed and air-conditioned with the air recirculating internally with little or no fresh air. Some may think that it is not a bad thing because of the traffic and industrial pollution outside, but little do most of us know that if the air inside is not sterilized / treated, it is proven that in many cases, the air quality indoor can be multiple times more polluted than the outdoors.



Almost Unbearable

Stale and stagnant air is no good. Contaminants that have found its way in this enclosed space are circulating round and round and getting into our body as we breathe be it knowingly or unknowingly. The internal use of many office equipment and chemical cleaners release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the office, it also contributes to the increase of foul smell. This was the case of this ID company who struggled about the stench of stale musky air and the terrible smell of food waste that travels beyond the pantry and into other corners of the office, leaving the whole environment unpleasant to work in and staff feeling unwell.

Bad for Health, Bad for Business

This situation not only reflects badly on the image of the company as they had many important clients to serve, this was also affecting the health of the staff resulting in cross-infections and falling sick. Medical costs and number of sick leave increase while productivity decreases when the staffs are unwell. Being concerned about the well being of the staff and the reputation of the organisation, the management of the ID company wanted to address this stubborn problem which seemed to have become a permanent dilemma.

Redesigning the Definition of Fresh Air

Having checked out a whole range of air purifiers that were available in the market, the company was unsure on which device is able to solve the problem of the bad odour effectively. We explained that while air purifiers or air filters work effectively in dealing with filtering airborne pollutants; the bad odour and musky smell are generated from different sources such as food, furniture and sample of design materials that air purifiers cannot treat effectively. The principle of Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer is to fill the indoor environment with active oxygen that will sterilize the air and surfaces treating the sources of pollutants rather than filtering only the airborne pollutants.

In redesigning the concept of freshness in the office, the company welcomed Medklinn to install the Medklinn Air+Surface Distributed System to sterilize the entire office. As an interior design company, it was of utmost importance that the aesthetics of the interior decorations were not affected. This was achieved with the used of the specialized nozzles that come with the patented Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilization system.

After installing Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer for about a week, the ID company noticed the change and experience the freshness of the air that they breathe. The ID company was also very pleased with the system making the workplace now much more conducive and welcoming.

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